Community Development + Operational Support

Bringing art, communities, and organizations together

Hi, I'm Sairalyn. 
I help organizations meet their social-impact objectives while maximizing efficiency and profits.

I am a highly organized, creative, detail-oriented professional, and peer-reviewed author. I have over 20 years of experience working in nonprofit organizations and private businesses, 15 of those in an operational or management role. I am looking for my next opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to community development while simultaneously promoting the inclusion of viewpoints different from my own.



My family emigrated from Nigeria to the US when I was 5 years old. My parents are both Filipino but were teaching in Africa when I was born. I grew up in a black neighborhood in Jersey City, NJ and attended culturally diverse public schools from elementary through high school. I didn't know it then, but through my upbringing, the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion would shape how I interacted with the world as I matured.

1998 - 2002

As an undergraduate I studied computer art at the School of Visual Arts in New York City where I learned all the marketing and design skills I am now utilizing as an operations manager. While I majored in computer animation, I was drawn to the healing nature of art and decided to minor in Art Therapy. During this course of study, I successfully completed 4 internships, serving diverse populations at a number of non-profit organizations throughout  New York City.

2002 - 2005

After working for a year in newspaper publishing, I went back to get my Masters degree from New York University in Art Therapy. I started working in the Child Life department of Bellevue Hospital where I developed a research paper that would later be peer-reviewed and published in The Journal of the American Art Therapy Association. I am recognized as being one of the first art therapists to embrace the digital medium and use it successfully with hospitalized children and adolescents.


I continued to work at various culturally diverse non-profit organizations as an art therapist, program coordinator and eventually program director. I managed over 60 youth workers and over 300 inner city families. In these roles, I was able to network and partner with a number of private businesses, city agencies, and community leaders to help grow our DEI focused community programs.

2016 - 2021

After a family tragedy, we moved from the NY Tri-State area to Orlando, FL. I started working remotely for Dr. Ruscio as an assistant, production supervisor, and eventually operations manager. As part of a core team of 4, I helped to grow and elevate his private business to the functional medicine industry leader it is today. 


While I still provide remote and event support for a handful of nonprofits, I am hoping to fully return to my roots of bringing individuals and private businesses together to build community and share in the goal of improving our world for future generations.

My Experience Extends to Non-Profit Organizations,
City Agencies, and Private Business


Put My Experience to Work!

Relationship Builder

I was always struck by the ease with which she built positive relationships with diverse community stakeholders...

Kai F.

Free Arts, NYC

Quality Programming

Sairalyn's skill as a director is inspiring and I think the quality of her program certainly reflects that.

Madiha Z.

NYC Department of Youth and Community Development

Creates Order from Chaos

In short, she creates order out of chaos - managing the questions and workflows of dozens of creatives like myself.

Ian C.

The Ruscio Institute