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Partnerships & Projects

Over the last 21 years, I've been lucky enough to share my passion with a number of nonprofit organizations and private businesses who share the goal of bringing communities together and encouraging the success of a cross-cultural environment through quality and intentional programming. 

These Partnerships and Projects Took Various Forms

Physical and In-Kind Donations

Whether it was McGraw Hill's expertise and publishing capabilities, or Home Depot line of products, or the gallery space at the School of Visual Arts, these donations allowed the non-profits I worked with the ability to elevate their work and give their communities opportunities they may not have had otherwise.

Events Sponsorship & Financial Support

Through private sponsors, I was lucky enough to be able to coordinate a variety of events for the children and senior citizens in under-privileged communities. These included trips to Broadway shows, Six-Flags great adventure, Knicks basketball games, and others. These financial donations also helped support weekly events like Senior Bingo.

Corporate Volunteering

At both University Settlement and Hartley House, I organized numerous events for private businesses like Deloitte and Chase to participate in team building activities that would benefit the children or senior citizens of those communities. These included beatification projects, gift giving events, and participation and supervision at community events like street fairs and art exhibits.

Featured Projects

Below are 3 of my favorite community building philanthropy projects.


Build a Bike

Holiday Surprise

Chase Bank employees surprised these elementary school children with new bikes, helmets, and protective gear, after spending all day building them. They even spent time teaching some of the kids how to ride their new bikes.


of a Piece of NYC History

Deloitte donated supplies and time to paint, decorate and completely transform numerous rooms in this 120 year old historic brownstone so that the after-school housed within it could have a new library, classrooms, and even an art therapy space.

Art Exhibit

for Young Artists

McGraw Hill not only provided the materials to display the art, but their team came to help install it, and spent time with each of the artists at a special (non-alcoholic) wine and cheese grand opening.

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